Enjoy your Guild

With a Pizza Chef

Join the wonderful world of MMO Pizza and taste the Big Chili Flavour of Victory with the definitive all-in-one solution for guilds :

  • Powerfull Raid Planner
  • Ultimate Guild Management
  • Stunning Social Tools
  • and more many things...

Bring your guild to life with

our hosting service

  • Your fully customizable site


    Create your guild portal with a simple widgets drag 'n drop, add some news and choose your navigation.

  • A fantastic forum platform

    Create your guild forum in 2 clicks, nothing could be easier !

  • Your own domain name


    Choose a guild.mmopizza.com type domain name. Cool, isn't it ?

Become a great guild master thanks to our

Guild Management System

  • A performant recruitment space

    Set precisely your needs and manage the recruitment with our "Single Click Acceptation" system.

  • A quick and easy guild management

    Tired by the administratives and repetitives tasks ? All is simplified and let you more time to play.

  • Amazing communication tools

    Forum, messages, comments... everything is here !

Less management

More beating !

  • An epic raidplanner

    Subscribe and manage appliants in one click, the whole in a cool and effective interface.

  • Create your raid templates and groups

    Thanks to this Premium functionnality, save your raid templates and reuse them, duplicate a raid and subscribe a predifined group to it.

  • DKP system


    Share the treasure with your teammates in our DKP system.

Get your kick as a

user too

  • Import your characters

    Import your characters from the big platforms : battle.net, wowstead...

  • Your custom profile

    Discover your fully customizable profile including characters, Achievements, Goodies...

  • Social, collector, fun...

    Win Achievements and XP, share your experience on Facebook and Twitter, stay informed all day long thanks to email and rss notifications.


Features list

All what you ever wanted to know about MMO Pizza without asking.

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